The Coffee Infused Meat Rub

Designed by Two Old Farts who love to eat, Joe Rub will perk up any meat!

Wait - Coffee Infused?


Combining Fresh Ground Coffee with Pepper, Brown Sugar and Spices creates an amazing rub that goes on ANY meat, some seafood, and even vegetables!

How do I cook with Joe Rub?

However you like to cook now works just fine!  Sprinkle on your food right before throwing it on the grill, the smoker, or even in the oven.

No marinating?

NO WAY!!!  Life is too short to waste time with marinating.  The fresh ground coffee helps with the tenderizing, while the Pepper, Brown Sugar, and Spices take care of the flavor.  We believe in Eating, not waiting!

Two Old Farts?

Its both an LLC name and a valid description

Andy originally designed the secret formula for Joe Rub, and the only way Jay could get it was talking Andy into starting a business together.  

Since 2014, we have been traveling the world (ok, maybe just parts of Texas) to spread the word about our amazing product.

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